Thursday, April 02, 2009

Just a little message to conficker virus

Are ya really that good?  You can scare the internet.  Well you scared GarysWorld.  I kept our computers offline allday, because y'all told the internet you could hurt.  By*** I was wrong.  Is your real pleasure in life causing pain?  If you are as good as all the networks told us can you please shut GarysWorld 'Appalachia' down.  I look forward to new computers.  You see conficker i am a dang hillbilly.  Here's yer chance.  Your luck today was not good.  Get GarysWorld.  I am the owner and i bet you have a little bit of a challenge with me.  I ain't real smart with a pc but i don't hide behind my little computer.  Show me how good you are.  Shut  GarysWorld USA down.  Now that is a challenge.  Im gonna say what the big networks are afraid to say.  I ain't afraid of viruses.  I own stuff.  Mess with me.  Quit being a panzy.

If my blog here is offline you beat me for a day.  But i am afraid you ain't gonna shut down the whole internet.  After all that would almost make y'all god.
Your dear friend,

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