Monday, March 30, 2009

We are pulling for you Myles

Yes Myles ol dad believes in you
Myles took his bar exam in February and will know the results in mid April.  As he told me the other day 'Dad i don't think i passed.  Probably  will take me 5 or 6 times.'
Well Myles i watch you grow up, go to Centre College, graduate Dayton Law School, and now take the bar.  I believe in you as much as in myself.  I am like you in never giving up.  If it does take that many times so be it.  But this ol hillbilly knows how smart you are.  You may be surprised the first time hehe.
Anyhow we love you and we believe.


Lilly said...

Hi Gary, fingers crossed for him. My daughter who is a lawyer here was only talking about the Bar exam last night - she said it so hard to pass. Remember John Kennedy Jnr never was able to pass it. Law is so tough and then they have to work like dogs these poor kids. They deserve to earn big bucks I think given the hours they work and the responsibility they have. I know I am very proud of my daughter Jordan and you must be of your son too!

Gary said...

I passed your message on to Myles in an email Lilly. Yes i agree with you and Jordan. It is a tough road. I am sure that Jordan learned that you have to really believe in what you are doing to be successful. Thank you for the comment.

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