Saturday, March 28, 2009

My brother Larry

My brother Larry also my best friend
I really haven't talked much on here about my awesome bud and lifetime friend.  Like all brothers we have our differences.  We were sittin around talking a few minutes ago, along with our cousin Jack ( background in the pic ).  Jack also helps me alot with the blog.  He is one of the most knowledgeable guys i know about the outdoors. 
After the talk i came up here and decided to talk a little about my brother and the story in the pic.  It was taken at our preserve a few miles down the road.  We take our bird dogs there to train.  It is a landtrust left to our family by my grandfather.  We started making trails and setting out food plots last spring ( more about that later ).  Larry has been a successful bird hunter for many years.  He has terrible pain now from back and hip problems incurred from his tour in Vietnam ( He was a MediVac in the 101st Airborne ).  Larry can't walk very far now and it breaks my heart sometimes to watch him try to hunt like in the pic with one of his dogs.  But i can say without hesitation he is still one of the toughest and nicest men i have known in my lifetime.  When you need something brother is always there.  I've seen him many times thru the years stop on the street and give someone money or a pat on the back because he thought they needed it.  How many of us do that nowadays?  It was especially hard on him when our mom passed away in 2007.  They were extremely close.  He has told me many times how much he misses mom.  So brother just wanted to write a few thoughts this afternoon.  They just don't make many like you Larry.
Your best friend,

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