Friday, April 03, 2009

Gary's dad to be featured on cable outdoor show

GarysWorld was informed last week that Gary's dad Bert will be featured on a cable outdoor hunting show.  The filming is scheduled for April 24-26 2009.
The film crew will be here for 3 days and will be filming Bert on a spring turkey hunt.  Dad is an amazing 85 year old who has hunted and fished most of his life.  We are all very proud of him.  He has given much to his family and many friends.  Due to the show's copyrights and other things to work out, i will be posting more about this exciting project as soon as the company gets here on the 24th and gives me the details about what i am allowed to put on this blog about the show.  We are all very excited for dad, and i know he is gonna enjoy it so much.
We love ya dad, and all of us know how much you deserve this honor.

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Anonymous said...

Go get'em uncle Bert! Your long time clay pigeon buddy;) You taught me well!

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