Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GaryWorld 'Appalachia' - My nostalgia watching the Centre College VP debate

Thursday night (10/11/2012) will be very nostalgic for this ol hillbilly. As the father of Mark, Myles, and Meridith who graduated from prestigious Centre College i am so proud. Family, friends, and I attended all three graduations of my wonderful kids in Norton Center for the Arts, the same venue for the VP debate between Biden and Ryan. My family spent a lot of good times at Centre. In addition to the kids graduating from there, we attended countless ball games, track meets and other functions as Mark, Myles, and Meridith all played sports for Centre. I can never forget the time when Meridith graduated that Centre's President came up to me and said, 'We need to put a cornerstone up for your family for graduating three fine students from here'. That was one proud moment for this ol hillbilly. Anyway i don't want to ramble on except to say when i watch the debate tomorrow night i probably will be shedding a few tears, remembering a few years ago sitting in that same hall watching three wonderful kids walk across the very stage to enter the big world we live in.
'Da Ol Hillbilly'

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