Saturday, June 26, 2010

GarysWorld 'Appalachia ' founder speaks about our land...da ol hillbilly

What is Appalachia nowadays.  Is it just a name ?  Who are these people in this mountain country including ol Gary?   For those of us that grew up here I think i am allowed to speak as one of these stupid redneck ignoramuses excuse the damn spelling.  Hell i went to school, and beyond, yet seems like people around this country still consider what i think is dumb.  Not those that know us.  Not our real friends.  But those who are supposed to know more than we do about this country.  Well by God i kinda ain't real happy about our country's direction here in Kentucky.  Who decides what is goin on.  That is a damn tough question for ol Gary, don't know bout everyone else.  Is it really about who is smarter, or is it goin further than that.  Is the English language really English, or is it something i got to do, cuz someone told me so.  When i get that knock on my door should i be scared, not knowing what it was i did.  When did America become England?  When did America become Europe?  When did we forget all the sacrifice and all the blood that was shed to keep us strong?  Hell someone gets their feelings hurt and the next thing is 'You're fired".  Guess we are gettin a little thin skinned around here.  Well from us ol Appalachian people i say we are sick and tired of excuses.  We may be real dumb, but stupid we ain't.  America we love ya, and it ain't gonna be easy to beat this country.
And yes by God, my name is Gary Holbrook from Appalachia.

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