Friday, September 11, 2009

Kentucky Blue Collar

Simply put a great band with rave reviews!  I am personally proud of this band because Goble Cantrell | Lead Singer, was a former student of mine.  You have come a long way my friend, and Morgan County is proud of you.  As GarysWorld 'Appalachia' heading says 'LIVE YOUR DREAMS'.
Hope to see y'all at the festival.  Da ol hillbilly

Here is an article from their outstanding website.  Hope my readers here will take a look!

GOBLE CANTRELL - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, DON HAYES - Lead Guitar, MARK ROHAN - Drums, MARC CURRENS - Bass
Behind the hard driving, raw and rhythmic music of the band lies the heart and soul of the true kentucky spirit. It is prevalent in songs that cut straight through to the average, everyday person. Although the band is true to their own no holds barred style, they have been heavily influenced by such greats as Lynard Skynard, Marshall Tucker and Bob Seger with the story telling of Johnney Cash and the vocal growl of Bob Dylan. After the release of their first album "Rockin' the Road" with HUBA Records, they garnered a good rotation of radio play.

Their fans begged for more, so the band is currently in the studio working with producer Randy Hayes of J.D. Crow, Keith Whitley and Tanya Tucker fame to release their sophomore album, "Long Hard Road". A lot of today's music is just that, music. It seems as though the story line in a lot of our generation’s songs have been pushed back for longer Guitar runs and Drum Solos. The Kentucky Blue Collar Band, formed in the foothills of Eastern Kentucky in early 2004, have found a way to stay true to the music by returning the all important story line while still maintaining the musical quality of today's popular songs.

There cover songs are also done in there own gritty style, so if you want to hear Lynyard or Hank then you will need to look elsewhere. If you want to listen to an original unique sounding band who does not fit into the mold of all the other cookie cutter bands then you need to look no farther. There stage show is energy action packed from start to finish and matched by none. Deidra Hall of 92.9 The Bear said, "Their stage show should not be missed." The band has now been playing Southern Rock, Rockabilly and country music together for about 6 years bringing many different influences and styles to their sound to create the perfect blend - a little Blues, a little Rock and a Southern Country Boy attitude round out the sound and dynamics of the Kentucky Blue Collar Band

Hey ya'll, for those of you who are going to be attending and watching the Sorghum Festival Parade in West Liberty the band is askin that you bring a magic marker and autograph the side of our Tour Bus as we make it through the parade route! Spread the word!!
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