Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update on hunting show

Gary was informed today that because of an unexcepted event we will be putting the hunt off for a tenative date before May 10.  More news later.

We are happy to announce that barring unforseen circumstances a renowned outdoor tv show is scheduled to film a turkey hunt here.
Everyone here is really looking forward to meeting and working with this outstanding organization.  I can't go into much detail right now till we sit down with the crew  and go over the plans for the hunt.  I wish to thank GarysWorld's outdoor consultant, my first cousin Jack, for setting this hunt up with them.
Jack training one of his pups at GarysWorld
Take a look at their website and information below.  MORE LATER!!!
Angela Lewis & Billy Currington | Dennis Lewis with a Big Tom
Southern Woods-N-Water TV
Visit their website
Pursuit Channel Nation Wide Coverage on Direct TV
Airtimes Tues. 9pm Thurs. 4:30pm Fri. 11:30pm Sat. 9am Sat 12am
Macon Georgia
12:30 PM Sundays
6:00 am Fridays


Lilly said...

Wow that sounds exciting and looks like fun. I just left a post on your forum but might have put it in the wrong place, not sure. Wow everything looks first class Gary!

TC said...

Gary, HI!!! You've won an award! It's on my blog, email me or comment with any questions. Congratulations!!!

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