Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To our hero

Written by Meridith:  Gary's oldest daughter
A tribute today to my dad while he is out of town!
Dad we love you very much.  You have been an inspiration to those who have known you through the years.  After talking to you on the phone this morning, i got this thought to do this.  At the bottom of this blog i added your playlist and set it to autoplay lol.  Visitors here can scroll to the bottom and read what i put up or listen to and view the songs.  I know how you are daddy so i tricked you this time haha.  These songs mean as much to me as they do you.  So just letting you know we all love you very much!
Meridith, Mark, Myles, Aisha, Myrial, and you web administrators: Amanda, Rhonda, and Sarah.

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