Sunday, June 22, 2008

While i am up just a little more about Appalachia.

I got to brag on 2 or 3 Appalachian blogs. For my loyal readers they are: 'Appalachian History', 'Hillbilly Savants', and 'Appalachian Trails' . Appalachia is and will be the focus of our main blog. Our region is #1 and GarysWorld will continue in a smaller way to show that to be true. Always believe in what you do and never give up. That statement was from my grandfather Edward Holbrook, Sr.


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Dave Tabler said...

Gary, thanks so much for the warm words!

One thing I think we all struggle with as writers and bloggers is wondering whether all the hard work is worth it -- is anyone out there reading this stuff we scribble?

But I've been truly astonished at the interest in Appalachia online! And not only in the region itself, which of course one would expect. There are all kinds of expats nationwide and worldwide, and also people with no particular original connection to the place who are just fascinated by its rich culture.

We're in such a specialized little niche that it's probably unlikely for you, me or any other writer in our area to see millions of visitors.

But every time I get an email from someone who was just thrilled to find my blog, it helps me maintain perspective.

Your voice is unique & appreciated in the discussion. None of us can tell the complete story of Appalachia alone.

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