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GarysWorld 'Appalachia' disclaimer

GarysWorld 'Appalachia'.
For my readers: Here is a supposedly reputable website publishing my name with no address i can find about Michelle Obama that i had nothing to do with. Decide for yourself if you follow GarysWorld. Pure hacking in this ol hillbilly's book.
Posted by Camera Staff
Gary Holbrook: Michelle Obama
Posted May 22, 2008
I see where Senator Obama is angry as to how his wife has been treated in GOP TV ads. You know the one. It's the one where Michelle says she now feels good about being an American and then there's a cut away to different folks saying why they are glad to be Americans. He has been quoted as saying, "lay off my wife." Strong language, that suggests something bad might happen if you don't.
Senator, here's something's you might consider to alleviate some of the anger you project that Michelle and you are being treated differently than other Americans.
Promise to do these three things as an anger management tool without involving the Media in any shape or form. Do not tell the American people that you are going to do these things. Do not in any shape or form use these anger management exercises as talking points in your campaign, (this suggests you are not going to involve a speechwriter such as Peggy Noonan, to write a speech for you regarding your experiences). Remember the speech that President Regan gave at Normandy that helped us to rethink the sacrifice so many American solders made because they loved their Country? Peggy Noonan, wrote that speech.
· Go to Arlington National Cemetery, early in the morning, without anyone other than Michelle and the Secret Service Detail. Walk amongst the graves of many who sacrificed their lives for their Country.
· Watch Saving Private Ryan again while your jet speeds you to France and Normandy. A guide there will walk you through that day in June, 1944 when the Americans landed on the beach at Normandy.
The guide will show you on the Cliffs how the Germans coordinated perfect lines of overlapping machine gun fire to slaughter the Americans on the beach. Have a military Corpsman explain how they Triaged the wounded and how the Corpsmen marked the soldiers with marks as to who couldn't be saved and those that had a chance.
Walk through the American Cemetery at Normandy with Michelle. It's OK to have tears in your eyes as you look at the markers and the age of the dead. Some who were Officers and only twenty years old.
· Go to Walter Reed Hospital, again with Michelle, no fanfare or media presence or press conference afterward. Sit in the waiting room where families gather and wait to get the results of their loved one’s surgeries and the prognosis for their recovery. Hopefully, some of the families will share why their loved one joined the military and what expectations they had.
Spend at least an hour in Rehab and watch the stages of what is done to assist those in recovery to walk again with artificial legs and arms. Have someone who has spent at least a month at Walter Reed walk around with you and share what it is like to be there. No officials from Walter Reed, just a former patient.
Spend the night there in a bed in a Ward. Try to get some sleep while the moaning and the screams of nightmares interrupt your sleep cycles. While you’re resting, Michelle could be with the nurses at their stations and in the wards to see what they do during the night.
Don't ever use this experience in your campaign if you’re the Democratic candidate for the Presidency.
Senator, please think about what you have learned from this experience before you lash out again; when you feel that you and Michelle's love of America is questioned.
Gary HolbrookGolden
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That folks is an example of what i am dealing with here.

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