Wednesday, June 04, 2008

'Da Ol Hillbilly' reveals his current thoughts about GarysWorld 'Appalachia'

I've had my fingers crossed since March 08 about this blog. Getting number 1 rankings on the major search engines at Google, AOL, and Yahoo has kinda put me in a coma. My family, close friends, and internet close friends have been so supportive and encouraging to me. I luv all of y'all for your kindness to me personally.

Meridith thank you for believing in dad so much! You and Aisha have shown your love for dad over and over. Thank you for believing in me. If there are 2 better daughters in the whole world i dang sure would like to meet em.

I also want to thank my sons Myles, Mark, and my beloved granddaughter Myrial for loving ol dad the way you do. All are more special than you will ever know to this ol hillbilly.

My family and close friends know how i am. I try and tell it like it is and you stick by me anyway lol. My undying gratitude to y'all.

My MOM passed away in 2007, but she watches over me. I feel her presence constantly. MOM i think you must have some pull with the search engines. I have no other explanation. Knowing how you always believed anything was possible, and we could be anything we want to be if we worked hard enough for it. Thank you MOM. You were and are my best friend.

How long we stay number 1 here is not really important. Family and friends are. If we lose our rankings tomorrow it will not deter me from trying to show the world our little part of this planet Earth, and its remarkable people.

God Bless Appalachia and God Bless the USA.



Anonymous said...

I am a family person too, and a mom, and a surfer.... Great Idea!

BTW I found you on the referral site

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fiftypushing said...

Congratulations, Gary! What a great site for history buffs and how nice to find an over-fifty blogger. I have dipped in to lots of your posts and will definitely revisit! Greeting from South Africa!

Kyle & Svet Keeton said...

Good job Gary,

I enjoy your blog very much. The Appalachian's are where much of my family is from. Up in the Mountains near Gatlinburg Tennessee is where I have many family members buried.

Keep up the good work,


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