Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christina Taylor Green | Don't forget her

We love you Christina. Nine years old and no longer alive. What did she do wrong? Just a little girl living her life as she saw it. Exploring the world and enjoying the things that inspire every little girl. From what i've read Christina was full of the things we all cherish about our lives. Love of animals, baseball and all the things little girls dream about for their future in America. Really i am not sure why, is anyone else? You see folks this old hillbilly has a little girl who is nine also, and i'm having a hard time figuring out the thought processes that are running the news media on this story of tragedy. Is it really about the politics of left and right? Maybe just maybe it is about a little girl who lost her life living the American dream. Being Christina Green on that fateful day. Just being Christina. Why can't we just remember her instead of gun control, how we can beat the other political party, Sarah Palin, and others. I prefer to remember Christina for the little girl she was. The rest of the talk should mean nothing to us. You see folks Sarah Palin or nobody else caused this idiot to start shooting. Jared Lee Loughner caused Christina to die. She is no longer here, except the memory we as Americans can have for this beautiful little girl. Please America, forget the politics, hatred, and absolute senselessness of figuring out who is to blame. Lets just remember Christina Taylor Green, who isn't here with us now, and learn from mistakes others make. I believe she would want it that way.

Christina as a dad i looked and looked for something in song to describe you. These videos are what i found for you hon. God bless Christina whom i never met, but a little girl who i think i know now.

Gary Holbrook

West Liberty, Ky.

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