Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Appalachian Troubadours | A wholesome Christian-based group

JoAnna has performed at Morgan County High School when i was teaching and coaching there.  She was and will always be one of my favorite singers.  You have come a long way JoAnna.  This article was for you.  Gary Holbrook

Richard Jett's Appalachian Troubadours is a group of young vocalists performing at various events, such as festivals, state parks, schools, health care centers, banquets and benefits with a range of music genres to include country, bluegrass, gospel, cajun, 50s & 60s and classic pop.

Established 1990 Richard Jett Productions

Richard Jett’s Appalachian Troubadours, a singing group of individuals, have been performing for over 20 years throughout Eastern and Central Kentucky. The Appalachian Troubadours are a wholesome Christian-based group performing at shows centered on morally acceptable themes, promoting family values, and music history education. Performances consist of a variety of music genres to include country, bluegrass, gospel, and 50/60’s. Members perform with CD tracks, provide background vocals, and at times use musical instruments as part of their performance. The Appalachian Troubadours perform through out the state of Kentucky at contracted state parks, festivals, benefits, and numerous other events through out the state. Performances consist of primarily individual solos, with occasional duets and group songs.

New recruits will be chosen based on vocal talent, showmanship, poise, appearance, and entertainment value. Vocalists who can sing harmony are preferred, but this is not mandatory. Members are paid per performance based on venue. Member requirements are show attendance, learning suggested material in the group's 4 main music genres (country, bluegrass, gospel, and 50s/60s), assistance with equipment set-up/breakdown before and after shows, and conducting one's self in a positive manner. Auditions will be conducted by submitting a video or audio recording no longer than 5 minutes (audio recordings must include picture). The video or audio recording may feature one song or a medley of songs. If interested, you may attach video audition directly to EMAIL message, or please contact Rachel at 606-301-1047, JoAnna at 606-356-5257, or Jessica at 606-481-9705 for further details.


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