Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Eastern Kentucky's 'Country Music Highway'

US 23 Country Music Highway Travel Guide Kentucky Traveler Brochure
Created to honor the large number of professional musicians born along an eight-county stretch of Highway US23 in Eastern Kentucky.

The Country Music Highway traces eastern Kentucky, the home to many country music stars. Learn about this scenic drive, and see a map of it. › ... › Scenic Drives › South

maggardscashstore " — On our trip on the Country Music Highway, we traveled over Pine Mountain in Letcher County, KY and visited JD Maggard's Cash Store, ...

The author explores the Country Music Highway in Kentucky, where many of country music's most popular musicians were born and bred. - United States

Music Highway Songwriters Association (MHSA) is a prestigious association of country music songwriters dedicated to the artistic craft of songwriting!

Country Music Highway Museum




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