Thursday, December 10, 2009

KBCB "Song of the Year"

This is a great band, with an awesome future. Please help us support them by voting at the link below. We are pulling for you guys.

Merry Xmas

Here is a note from their Facebook.

First let me apologize for all the updates and reminders I will be putting out over the next month. As most of you may already know our song 'Missin' You" won song of the month at an online radio station out of Corpus Christi Texas for the month of May 09. We beat out 40 other songs including songs from Asleep at the Wheel, Little Texas and the Kentucky Headhunters. The song will now be competing for Song of the Year during the month of December. We can win this thing, but we can't win it without your support. Please bookmark hoss's site and go vote for our song once a day starting this Saturday. We must get up into the 4,000 vote range to have a prayer at winning, however with 1,400 friends if all you guys would just vote 3-4 times during the whole month we can win this thing!!! If you really want to help us send a message go vote once everyday! Just click on the link below. Thanks!!!!!
Voting is open each Saturday, beginning after the live show (about 6 p.m. Central Time) and runs through noon the following Saturday. We will eliminate songs at the bottom of the contest according to the schedule below, and then we’ll pay tribute to the Number One Song during America’s newest New Year’s Day Tradition: the Hossey Finals Show beginning at 2 p.m. Central Jan. 1.
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KBCB said...

Thanks Gary for all your support and thanks to all who are voting for us! We need all the help we can get!


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