Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Meridith | Dad's lil girl

Gary has seen the world.  Da ol hillbilly is 62 now.  The girl you see at the top of this ol blog is my oldest lil daughter.  She has stood by her dad most all her life.   Like ol Gary Meridith don't take kindly to a bunch of y'all know what.  One thing i will tell my friends.  This lil girl is daddy's girl for one simple reason.  She knows the value of people.  We ain't cattle, and we don't say yes because some big azz says we have too.  I ain't speaking for her, but i will say this.  America wake up or we ain't got a chance.  Love ya Meridith.  You are the best honey, and i am proud to be your dad.
Da ol hillbilly

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