Sunday, July 26, 2009

Akin Model T | A heartwarming story

Photo submitted
Dr. Matthew Mancini, left, accompanies Dr. Hobart “George” Akin in Akin’s hand-built 1914 Model T Ford across the Royal Gorge Bridge in Pueblo, Colo.

Dr. Hobart "George" Akin wanted a new old car.

Ninety-five years old, to be exact.

"I've always wanted to build one, ever since I was a kid," he says. "And my dream was to then take that car on a trip across the country. So, about four years ago, I finally decided I was going to start collecting the parts to do it. It took me two years to get the parts, and even though I worked as an auto mechanic during my undergraduate years to have extra spending money, I had never built a 1914 Model T before, so it took another two years to build. Some friends of mine, Warren Rollins and Frank Henderson, were Model T enthusiasts, and they helped me."
This story really caught my eye. I hope all my readers will visit this wonderful website with pictures galore, and info about the Model T and articles about the amazing cross country trip. Dr. Akins you are a true Appalachian.
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