Thursday, May 07, 2009

2006 da ol hillbilly

i'm gonna do this post gary's way.  back in 2006 i wrote my first actual article on the internet. didn't have a dang clue about blogging.  the good part is i remember an email i received from one outstanding person who still follows the sometimes crap i put on the internet.  it went something like this.  i don't know you and you seem like a nice guy.  what is your story with this blog.  do you have a passion or goal in life.  if so would you explain yourself to me.  i am from pennsylvania and by chance saw garysworld and clicked.  i read some of the history stuff and started wondering who is this guy.  so gary i found your email on the profile and had to do this.  you have 4 kids and i have 2.  you are old enough to be my father but you don't seem to be that.  one question to you gary.  do you believe in destiny?  my answer to this letter was actually this.  hon i do what i do like the rest of the world.  i ain't afraid and i am too trusting sometimes.  outside of that i am just gary.  since you are thee first comment i had you get the damn prize.  thank you for reading my article.  folks the person is still following this blog and ill be dang if i can remember the article.  the email i do remember.  my first reader as far as i can tell was susan from richmond va.  so susan thank you for giving me the balls to write my second article.

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