Thursday, April 09, 2009

Often get asked this question

Gary why don't you do more local news articles around our local area on your blog?

Good question.  The truth is our community is pretty laid back here.  With the local newspapers and our radio stations, most of the news around here would beat me to the article.  So what i try to do is pick the top ones and give a little of my take on it ( Example:  The Elliott basketball team ).  One of the other reasons is i became a local editor for Topix where i can cover a wider region of news.  Alot of my readers here read Topix so there is really no need for so much duplication.  This blog is basically for whatever strikes me as fun to write about at the time.

Hope that will answer the question for you.  I am thinking about adding a GarysWorld Outdoors blog in the future on Blogger.  It will give me a chance to show alot of area pictures with a story behind them.  For those who know me, i love the outdoors so it would fit in nicely with this blog and the new forum.

Again i want to thank all of you for the support here.

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