Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots of stuff happening today

I planned on being outdoors today with my bird dogs but it is raining. So what did i do? Got on the internet at 5 am and contacted my administrators for our forum lol. Amanda, Sarah, and Rhonda i don't know how ya put up with this ol hillbilly. We had a wonderful online meeting at my videochat studio Girls you are doing an amazing job for GarysWorld. I am so enthused that you are willing to update and keep the forum running so smoothly. It is going to free me up here for doing articles. Our age differences gives the forum a new flavor. Y'all see things from your generation that i sometimes would miss. Now i understand my daughters when they tell me 'dad change that it is old fashioned'. As a teacher and coach i should know better hehe. Guess i am just gettin old. For my readers here at the blog i hope you can join with us this year at the forum. It is really hard to describe all the features. If you take a look, we think you will understand what i am talking about. It has a ton of high tech possibilities, and we believe is the future of internet forums.

My return visitors here may have noticed that i added a translator and archive tag cloud here, along with a top commentors widget. Let me know what y'all think. I also got rid of the blogger bar at the top. If you use Twitter i would love to follow you. Just let me know.

I have decided to pretty much stick with writing articles contained in the tag cloud for 2009 here at the blog. It keeps me focused to concentrate on these areas. So hopefully you will see more frequent postings. For no more than i have posted here the last few months, it amazes me how many search categories this little blog ranks #1 for 'Appalachia' search terms on Google, AOL, Yahoo, and Lycos. Amanda says it is my brand and return readers. Sure ain't going to argue with her about that lol. The other amazing thing is the forum rank on Google and AOL for 'regional world forums' search. As of today it was #1 on both search engines out of over 29 million listings.

Till next time y'all come back now ya hear
Da ol Hillbilly


The Muse said...

I will have to check out your forum and your Twittering :)

Love the header..are those the bird dogs?? :)

Gary said...

Some of them. My brother, cousin, and I have more.

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