Thursday, March 05, 2009

Distance is in the mind

Yes i finally started a diary on here!

Distance is really just a state of mind. I have been fortunate in my lifetime to travel to many places. Thru the years i have met so many interesting people, and learned so much from the different places i have seen. As i sit here today in Kansas City the distance thing hit me more than usual. I live almost twelve hours from here by auto. Visiting with my daughter Aisha and friends is something i always look forward to. One thing i learned thru the years is this: 'People are pretty much the same wherever you go'.

Distance is not a barrier if you cherish every moment. I am not sad anymore when i think of distance. I just think about the great times i had at that particular place. For those who really know this ol hillbilly i can say that i look at life with a positive attitude. When we fall into the trap of worrying about this and that, we tend to start doubting ourself. I prefer to wonder about what new things i will find the rest of the day and tomorrow.

What am i thinking about this trip? Well i am looking forward to the rest of it, and can't wait till the next one here. I love learning all the new stuff my daughter and friends have experienced since the last time i was here. Now folks that is never boring lol. The other good thing is they really don't have time to get tired of me in a couple weeks hehe.

So ya see distance can be fun and keep ya in a wonderful state of mind.

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