Sunday, February 15, 2009

Well what more is there

Mom left us Nov. 2007. She was always like this lady that saw the future. Never asking anyone for anything but their love. As tough a person as this ol hillbilly ever met. Don't get me wrong. She was as soft and humble as they make a lady i guess. But the thing i always noticed about mom was her courage. Never one to start a complaint about anything, but the very person that could make you stop and think about what was just said. I have a brother and mom watched us like a hawk throughout her life. If a mother could love her kids more than mom i would love to meet them. Thru all of her pain with MS and other stuff she was a trooper till the end. If i could only be so strong. One week exactly before she passed away she called me, dad, and brother to her bedside. You know what she said? " Bert, Gary, Larry don't cry. We have been fortunate to love each other all these years. It is not about us. It is about our life while we live it. Living and believing in yourself is what i am about. No one can take your belief unless you allow it. So my dear husband and my precious sons i only ask that you remember me for me, not as mom or wife."

I don't know where everyone else stands on something like that being said, and i really ain't sure why i have the courage to tell this story, except mom would say when i was young that i was different and she liked that. And as far as the future i am older and thank you mom for believing in me.
I miss ya Wilma Mae Blanton Holbrook
We miss ya mommy
Gary and Larry

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Lilly's Life said...

Oh Gary that was a lovely tribute and I bet she knows too. What a pretty lady she was and what a strong woman. You have much to be thankful for. You had a Mom who loved you, inpsired you and watched over you. And I bet she is still doing it too. Take Care my friend.

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