Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gary 2009

Da ol hillbilly has always been a southern cowboy at heart!
My mom was right when she told me as a youngster that i was different. The cowboy part is really true in the sense that i love going out west so much. Well folks this ol blog is Gary. As long as Google Blogger is online by gum GarysWorld is online. My family has a say on the internet but i get the final say on this blog. Issues i handle. When at 61 i am too old to handle my blog then i got a problem with the management. Since i actually own GarysWorld i think maybe i will say what i feel. I have one of the most beautiful Appalachian familys you would want to meet. Gary is old now. But Gary is an outlaw. Ha Gary. My 2 daughters would knock the guys eyes out. My 2 sons are Holbrook's fer sure. My granddaughter is like me. We read alot. My brother should have been a lawyer. My dad is a man i can believe in. That leaves the ol hillbilly.

Being a teacher and coach actually taught me more than the students i had. Every day was a new adventure, and i know that it kept me young at heart. I am one of those people who believe in a bright tomorrow. Now tomorrow may not be bright, but i try and do my darndest to make it so. Even when i think about the past, it is usually about the good things i experienced.

The real story is i get stuff i disagree with on my blog so i delete and redo. Argument and discussion. Dad you can't do that. Yes i can. But dad. You don't like it get yer own blog lol.
Yes mom you were right. I am different!

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