Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gary is gonna write again

After some tinkering and study, i think i can safely say i am ready to publish. It is a real shame how people on this ol internet try and bust ya at every turn. Why pick on this ol hillbilly. Don't have a clue. The real good part is you all wouldn't be trying to get in my ol head would ya. Well folks the Kentucky part of the Civil War in Appalachia is starting on Monday. In addition i am gonna do my famous Appalachians series as i see fit. So there my hacker friends, get ready, and go fer it. The ol hillbilly is back. I really don't think i can be any clearer on this subject. You picked on the wrong websites.

Ps Can't ya get your own material i mean come on now.

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Lilly's Life said...

You go Gary - your readers support you!!!! Cant wait for the posts!!

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