Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you to my readers

I just want to thank my invisible readers here at the blog. Without giving away GarysWorld secrets, i can say that my friends in Appalachia have enough faith in an ol teacher and coach. Now that we climbed the internet mountain because of you, and you know who i speak of, guess we proved that us ol hillbillies ain't as dumb as the internet gives us credit fer. So to my former students and dear friends in this part of the USA da ol hillbilly put us here with alot of work. Now that i got old i think i will rest a spell. By no means am i through at Blogger. It is the #1 blog spot on the internet. My thanks to the Google owners for giving GarysWorld a voice in this hectic world around everybody. GarysWorld will continue to publish and try and be a voice for Appalachia. Just sometimes you have to step back and refocus.

Again i love my friends and internet voices that i read. Y'all are the greatest.


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