Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Just a short note about emails and all that stuff from da ol hillbilly. Garysworld 'Appalachia' is not about how good our blog is. We are about people. And as i will say personally, since i am the author of this here blog article, you guys and gals need to settle down here. There is no magic formula to a ranking. The bosses program the computer. The computer indexes according to the bosses. It is that dang simple. As i have said before here even. GarysWord 'Appalachia' is about our region. It ain't about my blog or what we do. Google, Aol, and Yahoo decide where we get on the engines. GarysWorld decides what we put on this blog. I personally am the type of guy that grew up in the mountains of Kentucky , and i don't hide behind a computer. Heck i only learned how to use one in 1997. What scares me about this contraption is unless i only show this to my friends, the whole dang world sees it.

Now this statement i am gonna make needs to be in our FAQ section, but i am of the mind to address it here and now. Our blog here went 2 years with almost no postings. What the heck happened? GarysWorld 'Appalachia' had no emails during that time. Now we average over a hundred a day. The bad part is, the emails are trying to learn how we do it, and in the next sentence trying to sell our visitors something. You got to be kidding me. Don't those people get it. They are doing one thing to all of us. Trying to make a ton of money, and in most cases trying to scam us. I really don't think they have a clue. GarysWorld runs a few programs as affiliate. We have one program that is ours, that my company owns. It ain't even on the internet as far as ownership. What we sell is trying to get internet users that have a small website or sites to see what the internet is really about. It is about service and people. Our main theme at our sites is about people, and trying to decide what we can do to interest them. I know this for sure. If you are honest, a hard worker at anything you do, and you tell criticism to take a hike, you have a good chance of being someone that i would visit on their website.

Da ol hillbilly has said his piece here. Enuf said. It isn't about GarysWorld 'Appalachia'. It is about people.

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