Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Kentucky Derby: Best 2 Minutes In Sports

Alot can be said about our beloved Kentucky Derby. The mystery, intrigue, pagentry, history, and fabled horses and jockeys. Some say it is the greatest horse race run each year. I certainly can't disagree, being a true Kentuckian. We Kentuckians certainly swell with pride when Derby Day rolls around. Whether you attend the race or not, you feel a part of it all. I feel fortunate to have attended 2 of the races. It is a part of our history, and a part of our heritage here in our beautiful state. Traveling through the Bluegrass region of Lexington to Louisville on Interstate 64 is just an awe inspiring sight. I have made many trips down that road, and everytime i go through there, i see something new i hadn't noticed before. From the Kentucky Horse Park to the Red Mile to Churchill Downs it is an experience that stays with you.

This article contains links to our great Kentucky Derby traditions from its beginnings to the present. Just some great information for you to browse for a better understanding of what the Derby is really all about. I am often asked who was my favorite horse of all time. Although i am partial to Man O War, Secretariat is my favorite of all time. To me he was the greatest of all time. I have included some YouTube videos that tell his story better than i can.

My oldest daughter, Meridith is flying in from Rhode Island to visit and attend the Derby this year. I think this makes her 5th straight attendance. She actually worked at the Derby for 3 years while she was attending college. An experience she relishes. It is her favorite sporting event.

Hope y'all enjoy!
Great Links:
Kentucky Derby News
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