Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A tribute to my dad - A true Appalachian from 'The Greatest Generation'

Gary's dad in Paris France WW2...I am so proud of my dad and all he accomplished and did in his life...From his service in the war to taking care of his family thru good times and bad that has been my dad...Not only was he a good provider, but he sacrificed so much for the youth of Morgan County with all his years devoted to Little League baseball...Some of ya don't know this but when i was in grade school dad coached us in basketball...Often spending a lot of his own money taking the team around the area in cars to play ball...Much more dad did thru the years for people he knew which i could talk about for hours...88 now my dad still drives and goes to town almost every day...He truly is one of 'THE GREATEST GENERATION' LOVE YA DAD Gary and Family

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