Friday, February 12, 2010

Rebecca Lynn Howard | Famous Appalachian

Wow Rebecca you sure have come a long way from Salyersville, Kentucky!

This ol hillbilly remembers your days as a teen, when everyone in our neck of the woods watched ya starting out with your singing. I remember how my friends and I watched you sing and knew then that you were going to be someone special. We all miss ya but we also know that what you are doing now was your dream and you made that dream come true. all of us in Morgan and Magoffin County, as well as all of Eastern Kentucky love ya dearly girl. Please never forget where ya came from. We are your biggest fans.


Rebecca Lynn Howard was born in Salyersvilly, Ky., on April 24, 1979. Her big break came when she recorded "Softly and Tenderly" for the soundtrack of the 1997 Robert Duvall movie, The Apostle. After the closures of two record labels, Howard ultimately debuted on MCA Nashville in 1999. Though she had songs cut by Trisha Yearwood ("I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners") and other country stars, it wasn't until 2002 that Howard scored her own hit, "Forgive." Unable to secure a follow-up hit, she parted ways with the label in 2004.

Quote from Rebcca's official site "“My approach to No Rules differed from what I was doing a few years ago because I consciously stepped back from the recording aspect and dove into pure songwriting,” Howard says. “Once I did that, my writing started to change. And as my writing changed, my way of singing and interpreting songs became completely different. It’s almost like I’ve been given a new voice, with a little more freedom and a lot more soul.”

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Wikipedia Background Info

Born April 24, 1979 (1979-04-24)

Origin Salyersville, Kentucky, USA

Genres Country

Occupations Singer-songwriter

Years active 1997-present


MCA Nashville

Arista Nashville

Show Dog Nashville

Saguaro Road Records

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