Saturday, March 21, 2009

Part 4 Elliott County Boys Basketball: Could this be Hoosiers II?

Here are the headlines i was reading before the state tournament
Mountain basketball is back on the map.
■ Shelby Valley (15th Region)

Not since the days of Clay County and Richie Farmer in the 1980s, and J.R. VanHoose and Paintsville in the 1990s, has so much attention been focused on Eastern Kentucky teams.

"In years past, people were begging to draw the mountain teams in the Sweet Sixteen," Shelby Valley Coach Jason Booher said. "I don't think they were this year."
As a former player and coach from Eastern Kentucky i can only say that this year especially has brought back a flood of memories to me. I remember the Ashland Tomcats winning the State in 1961 as a young boy. It is so true that as young men growing up in Kentucky it was every boy's dream to play in the state. and yes i believe we rival Indiana in that respect. That is the reason i am making the comparison between Milan High School winners in 1954 ( The inspiration for the movie Hoosiers ), and Elliott County in 2009.
My grandfather who followed my career religiously till his death in 1975 told me countless times to never count my chickens before they hatch. But i think on this Saturday morning i want to go out on a limb and say what is in my gut. I know alot of people have been reading this blog over the last couple days. So this ol hillbilly is gonna say that i really believe in this group of young men from Elliott County. I know all the hype, and i know there are alot who still don't believe in you. But i do along with a lot of others. I believe you will play with your hearts this morning. I believe you know you can pull this off. Sometimes people only get one chance in life for making history. You are almost at the top of the mountain. Guys you can do it. Just know this. Give your all on the floor and you are winners no matter the score. Some day you will look back on this and a smile will cross your face, because you knew that on the day of reckoning you left it all on the floor. We love what you have accomplished, and i really feel like i will be seeing you tonight playing over the final hurdle to the STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.
Gary Holbrook
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■ Corbin (13th)
■ Elliott County (16th)
■ Hazard (14th)

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