Friday, February 06, 2009

A special thanks to Amanda | Garysworld technical advisor

Our new look here at the blog and our brand new high tech forum for 2009 is due to an amazing lady

Amanda is an internet technical expert. We met on one of the social networks i belong to. After asking her to review this blog in early January of this year i started telling her about the plans i had for a new multimedia forum for bloggers and internet surfers. This wonderful lady, who is quite shy, offered to help me set it up as she loved the ideas. Well when it went online less than 3 weeks ago i was thrilled. Her internet knowledge is to say the least stunning, at least to this ol hillbilly. Amanda has done an exhaustive study of what people view on the net. With the ideas i had and her suggestions and tech help GarysWorld took the plunge. I can't believe how well the forum integrates with my blog. Now i can write about Appalachia here, and jump to the forum to post hot discussions from around the world. I am living my internet dream in 2009. It took this blog from 2006 till March 2008 to reach the top of the page rankings for Appalachian blogs. In less than 3 weeks the forum is ranked #1 today on Google for ' regional+world+forums ' search out of over 28 million listings. We don't even have any members signed up yet. Amanda has explained to me that the GarysWorld brand name has alot to do with that. I don't have a clue but i believe what Amanda tells me. Everything she has touched and fixed on here has proven that to me. So Amanda all i can tell you is thanks and i really believe you are the smartest internet mind i have ever run across personally.


Current Google page rank


Lilly's Life said...

Congrats Gary. I have to come and join the forum and your blog is looking great. Glad you came across Amanda I bet.

Gary said...

Thanks Lilly, and i look forward to you joining the forum. I really believe this will be the biggest undertaking i have ever started on the internet. Yes Amanda is an internet genius, and i was lucky she agreed to help with my stuff on the net. I really appreciate the support you give to my site here Lilly. I truly think you have one of the best personal blogs on the net.

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