Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spirit of Appalachia

The spirit of our Appalachia can be captured with the thoughts of growing up here or being an outside entity. In my case this involves da ol hillbilly and his 7 year old daughter. Aisha is my life as my other 3 and my granddaughter. Telling your daughter about growing up in Appalachia isn't easy. Mark, Myles, and Meridith understand. Aisha my youngest wanted to know as she is from Kansas City. Here in a nutshell is the conversation.

'Dad am i a Holbrook from Kentucky'? 'Yes Aisha you are a Holbrook from Kentucky'. 'I love this place tell me about you growing up dad'. Well folks i have never been asked that question before. The conversation lasted over 30 minutes with Aisha hanging on my every word. For anyone that understands 7 year olds that was remarkable in itself.

' Aisha dad has been fortunate in life. Growing up on our homeplace was something engrained in ol dad that is forever. The family gatherings, holidays, and memories are forever. Yes hon we are a unique group of people in this part of the world. We believe in the human spirit and God. We believe in treating people as we want to be treated. We aren't the monster idiots that they portray us as sometimes on the media. Aisha i am truly in a unique position here to tell you things because i am old enough to be your Grandfather'.

'Dad i already know that i want to hear about you'. 'Well Aisha i am a private guy but you wouldn't believe me unless you knew me well. Sweetie when i lived in Kansas city with you and mom i was always thinking back to these Kentucky hills and my real life. Being able to escape to the top of the hill behind the house has been my big comfort. Remember the day you and i rode the 4 wheeler with dad's bird dogs. That is your dad and what i really am about. Aisha it is called freedom, and in Kentucky we believe that. When you are in school in Kansas City and you hear about your part of the world, what you learn stays with you Aisha for the rest of your life. Same holds true for me. The pictures of my life that you and i have sat on the couch and looked at have always been in dad's heart and soul. Sweetie that is dad and i am so glad you wanted to ask me, because in this day and time that is something special. Yes Aisha you are a Holbrook.


Lilly's Life said...

Aww how adorable is she and how smart. Loved your answers to her too! Fantastic.

Gary said...

Thanks Lilly. Aisha loves the outdoors and animals, as well as little girl things.

The Muse said...

Our families grow in the shadow of our love of heritage...She will be a better person for that... :) And it is wonderful as Lilly said...your responses.

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