Sunday, January 04, 2009

How an ol hillbilly handles da internet

Well that ain't an easy question. And as a few emails have told me over the holidays i ain't doing this correctly. GarysWorld layouts are hard to read, you are a bunch of amateurs, you write crap, you change things all the time, you don't make any money, you actually are an idiot on here, and my favorite 'who the hell do you think you are'.
My name is Gary Holbrook and i own GarysWorld. I write alot of the crap you took the time to read. I am a real hillbilly. i am proud of that. I do not hide behind a computer screen. When i decide to write i write. Otherwise i try and listen to what the rest of the world has to say. If you don't like that then jump on the big bandwagon. You have alot of help.
Just remember i have friends on my sites as well as enemies. So i will put my friends ahead of the enemies. Bring it on in 2009, because i am sick and tired of letting you so called Gurus get my goat. GarysWorld has worked hard for where we are, no thanks to alot of the experts. If you think i am that easy keep on coming, because i am old, tired, and really think i can still get done on here what i actually started to do in 2005. The real sad part to me this past year was the negative emails about our soldiers. See it ain't about me and my family. It is really about being politically correct and keeping our mouth shut.
Well i ain't politically correct and i ain't gonna keep my mouth shut anymore. This ol hillbilly grew up believing that you try and do the right things in life. Mess up and you answer for it personally. I tried to teach my kids the same thing. Plus don't make rules unless you have to. So if you don't like my writing and my sites stay the hell away. Yes i made the mistake of listing my emails. But i am man enough to read some of the trash that has been sent. And i was man enough to not reply to that trash. Yes here it is being written by me on my blog. You got to see it. Any replies are welcome.
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Lilly's Life said...
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Lilly's Life said...

Bravo Gary.

My father always taught me this. People who try and cause trouble are troubled. People who try and hurt you are hurt themslves. Just smile because the mail you get from these people means they are troubled and need sympathy. They are not trying to be helpful in the least. Keep doing what you do because I for one thing you and your site are great.

By the way Gary what kind of dog is that in your header. It is just downright gorgeous and reminds me of the English setter I had years ago. He was crazy but I loved him so.

Gary said...

Thank you so much for your support this year Lilly. The bird dog is SunTaur my prize English Setter pup. He was 4 months old when the pic was taken last year. He is now 14 months old and has become an outstanding dog in the field.

Chris said...

I recently came across your Blog and found it to be quite uplifting. I'll be reading in 2009. Thanks.

Gary said...

Thanks Chris

The Muse said...

I have had some awful things said to me between Christmas and New Years via the internet blog...I just don't understand it.

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