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Barbourville: Civil War in Kentucky

A GarysWorld 'Appalachia' Series
American Civil War September 19, 1861

Kentucky Union sympathizers had trained recruits at Camp Andrew Johnson, in Barbourville, throughout the summer of 1861.
Confederate Brigadier General Felix Zollicoffer entered Kentucky in mid-September intending to relieve pressure on General Albert Sidney Johnston and his troops by conducting raids and generally constituting a threat to Union forces and sympathizers in the area.
On September 18, 1861, he dispatched a force of about 800 men under command of Colonel Joel A. Battle to disrupt the training activities at Camp Andrew Johnson.
At daylight on the 19th, the force entered Barbourville and found the recruits gone; they had been sent to Camp Dick Robinson. A small home guard force commanded by Capt. Isaac J. Black met the Rebels, and a sharp skirmish ensued.
After dispersing the home guard, the Confederates destroyed the training camp and seized arms found there.
This was, for all practical purposes, the first encounter of the war in Kentucky.

Result(s): Confederate victory
Location: Knox County
Campaign: Kentucky Confederate Offensive (1861)
Date(s): September 19, 1861
Principal Commanders: Capt. Isaac J. Black [US]; Colonel Joel A. Battle [CS]
Forces Engaged: Home Guard (approx. 300 men) [US]; detachment of approx. 800 men under command of Colonel Joel A. Battle [CS]
Estimated Casualties: 20 total (US 15; CS 5)
Tags: Battle of Barbourville, Kentucky, Civil War, Appalachia
Resources: Cornell University: Making of America, United States War Dept, National Park Service, US Forest Service
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