Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I have not posted in awhile. Visiting out of state and having fun with my little daughter sure helped me. I checked my main sites and saw that my helpers had made some beautiful changes. I really think that my oldest daughter Meridith is about as smart as i have ever met. Pity her husband Clint. He has no chance. Anyway since i am the founder of GarysWorld i can have my say. To my friends. We have actually hit number 1 and 2 for 3 sites at GarysWorld. As i said in March if we never do it again it was dang well worth the try. The software is working. The spamming is not showing up, and i really think GarysWorld is doing it right. I am really focused on the Civil War in Appalachia series here. My emails have told me to get with it and post, but posting ain't what Gary is about. I am about feelings, determination, and not EVER GIVING UP. There is a lot i would like to write about, but this blog has been an inspiration to those bloggers that never get read, never get their views aired, and never get viewed like this little appalachian blog. I honestly can say tonight that if noone ever read this little blog again, that i had my day of fame. So to all of my friends i will keep writing, and it feels damn good to reach the mountaintop. I thank each and every one of my readers with no dang apologies to the person or persons who did their best to destroy GarysWorld Web Group.

Nuff said tonite.


rebecca said...

I'll never understand why anyone would get thier jollies by causing another person grief. Glad you're hanging in there!

GarysWorld said...

Thank you Rebecca

Lilly's Life said...

Congrats Gary - an inspiration! Keep going thats the best revenge!

GarysWorld said...

Thanks Lilly. Your blog is a treasure to me.

wblmom said...

I have just recently ran across your blog, so I don't know everything that has happened. I am glad you have still decided to keep writing though, like you blog.

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