Friday, May 16, 2008

Mitch McConnell: Famous Appalachian

I don't try and get into politics in Kentucky. Especially this year with everything that is happening in the Presidential race. Kentucky is next weeks stop in the process as most all know. All i am going to do in this article is tell the true story of a teacher and coach from the hills of Kentucky. Senator McConnell stays very busy with his schedule, and doesn't have alot of time for trivia. But here is my story.

I ( Gary ) have four children. Three of my four attended Centre College in Danville Ky. My youngest daughter is six and i am pulling for her to attend Centre. But that is a story in itself. You would have to know her to appreciate that one. The real story here is about a man that i can tell the people that are willing to listen. Senator McConnell is about education whether my readers realize it or not. The truth of the matter is Senator McConnell recomended my oldest son for the Air Force and West Point Academy. When my son decided on another course, Senator McConnell helped him get into Centre College. For those of us who know this getting into to Centre is not the easiest trip you can take. Long story short. Mark with Senator McConnells help made it. Then came my youngest son Myles. He made it. Then came my oldest daughter Meridith. She made it. The best part of all this so far is not that but this. Senator McConnell and his beautiful wife Elaine were both guest speakers at my daughter Meridith's graduation at Centre. It was a memory for Meridith and myself, that will be forever remembered. You know what Senator McConnell asked of my three kids and Gary for all his help? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That is the real Mitch McConnell.

I taught and coached for 28 years and i have met alot of famous people. The truth of the matter is it takes alot to impress me. Mitch McConnell impressed me. Not many people know this till now. If it hadn't been for Senator McConnell there is no way three kids from Morgan County could have attended Centre College. I have been a registered Democrat since my high school days. But this i believe. If Kentucky can show this ol hillbilly a better man who believes in the real Kentucky than Senator McConnell i would love to meet and talk with them.

America is really just about what we really believe. I happen to believe that this country will only survive if we have people willing to believe in our country, believe in ourselves, and work our butts off to become better as Americans.

This was an article to honor Mr. McConnell, whom i feel is one of those people who went above and beyond what they had to do, for our country. Thanks from our family to Senator McConnell. You are a famous Appalachian sir.

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